cooperation within a consortium
preparation and negotiation of consortium agreement, advice in establishing terms and conditions of cooperation between leader and consortium partners, assistance in applying consortium agreement and in contacts with consortium members
agreement with the investor
preparation and negotiation of a construction works contract, advice on the investor's duties, procedure for payment of remuneration and the limits of the contractor's liability, assistance in the application of the contract during the execution of construction works
agreement with the subcontractor
preparing and negotiating the subcontractor agreement, advising on subcontractor performance dates and subcontractor responsibilities, preparing letters to the subcontractor and assisting with contacts
security for payment of remuneration
advice on legal constructions securing payment of remuneration, preparation and analysis of documents related to securities (including contractual penalties and bank guarantees), support in using granted securities
insurance for construction purposes
advice on construction insurance (including liability and construction risks), analysis of products offered by insurers, verification of subcontractors' insurance, support in the use of insurance
takeover of the construction site
support at the stage of the construction site takeover, advice on the contractor's liability for damage on and around the site and on the organisation of construction backup facilities and the settlement of their costs (including utilities and security)
procedure of the acceptance of works
support in handing over the completed works to the investor in compliance with the relevant formal requirements, legal assistance in acceptance actions involving subcontractors, preparation and analysis of acceptance protocol templates
liability for defects in the works
legal assistance in contacts with the investor and subcontractors for the removal of defects in completed works, advice on warranty and quality assurance and replacement performance and its costs, support in negotiations and preparation of letters
debts recovery
assistance in amicable conflict resolution (including through mediation), preparation of requests for payment and participation in meetings, conducting disputes before common courts and arbitration courts, representation during enforcement proceedings

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