selection of real estate
analysis of the legal status of real estate (land and mortgage registers, local zoning plan, land and building register, register of monuments), verification of the content of contracts and other documents relating to real estate
purchase real estate
preparation and negotiation of preliminary and final property sale agreements, cooperation with notary offices, entries in land and mortgage registers, preparation of documents concerning mortgages and easements
contract with the designer
preparing and negotiating the contract with the designer (including "design and construct"), advising on copyrights to the construction design and establishing the conditions of cooperation with the designer during the execution of construction works
contract with contractor
preparation and negotiation of construction works agreement with individual solutions tailored to specific needs and expectations, assistance in the application of the agreement during project implementation, support in contacts with the contractor
providing investor supervision
preparation and negotiation of cooperation agreement with investor's supervision inspector with appropriate definition of his duties and responsibilities, legal assistance in contacts with the inspector in the course of construction process
contacts with subcontractors
support in contacts with subcontractors during project implementation, advice on joint and several liability of the investor towards subcontractors, assistance in disputes related to works performed by subcontractors
security performance of works
advice on legal constructions securing the actual performance of works, preparation and analysis of documents related to securities (including contractual penalties and bank guarantees), support in the use of granted securities
execution removal of defects in works
legal assistance in contacts regarding the removal of defects in completed works, advice on warranty and quality assurance, and substitute performance and its costs, analysis of possible claims, support in negotiations and preparation of letters
litigation related to construction
assistance in amicable conflict resolution (including through mediation), support in negotiations and preparation of letters, conducting disputes before common and arbitration courts, representation during enforcement proceedings

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